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Civil court

PRP Legal Ltd undertake a wide variety of Civil Court Work including Dispute Resolution, Civil Litigation, Interdict, Contract disputes, negligence claims, damages claims, neighbour disputes, fatal accident inquiries, Lands Tribunals, Employment, Compensation claims, debt collection, accident and insurance claims and Orders relating to Parental Rights and Contact Issues.

Company & Commercial

Providing the complete Legal service to business start ups, sole traders, partnerships and companies, owner managed businesses, SME’s and a number of leading companies assist business clients to buy and sell companies, businesses or premises. We also advise in the Renewable technology sector.

Wills & Estates

We provide a full service for managing all your personal and financial affairs including: Preparing Wills and Powers of Attorney, Petitioning for Appointment of Guardian, Advising on all aspects of Adults with Incapacity Law, Advising on Trusts, Winding up Estates and Minimising Inheritance Tax.

Conveyancing & Estate Agency

Our team of dedicated professionals working in our conveyancing department PRP Properties can assist with all your needs from advertising through the GSPC and On The Market websites to buying or selling any type of property. We can also fully advise on all aspects relating to the purchase and sale of commercial property.


Our aim as solicitors is to provide a personal, partner led, individualised service for our clients, leading to a long term professional relationship based on trust, competence, humanity and understanding.

We actively encourage our clients to properly plan ahead: this includes specialist advice on Wills, Powers of Attorney, Guardianships, Trusts and Inheritance Tax Planning.

Building upon our traditions, in addition to our known expertise in private client work, we now have distinct specialist divisions in Litigation, Company and Commercial Law, Estate Agency and Financial Services.

PRP are proud to be entrusted by you for your legal work, and look forward to being of continuing service to you and your family in the years to come.

John Fraser
John Fraser

John Fraser

Qualified as a solicitor in 1982 specialising in Civil Court work. Main areas of practice are divorce, contract disputes and personal injury claims. He is the Senior Litigator and has represented clients in all aspects of Court work, Mediation and Dispute Resolution.

Gordon Fraser
Gordon Fraser

Gordon Fraser

Gordon is involved in property work both commercial and domestic which includes the sale or acquisition of businesses involving both heritable as well as leasehold property. Gordon has a large private client base which involves him in Wills, Estate Planning, Estate Administration as well as Powers of Attorney and Guardianships.

Donald R Murray
Donald R Murray

Donald R Murray

Following a career in football and crofting moved into the Legal world and has worked with the firm’s Court department since 2006. Main areas of Civil Court practice are Employment, Compromise or Settlement Agreements, (AWI)Guardianships and intervention orders, debt recovery, dispute resolution, contact actions and family / child law which also includes Separation Agreements and Divorce.

David Morris
David Morris

David Morris

Within the corporate/commercial department he is an experienced adviser in all aspects of commercial property, development and corporate transactions and is sought out by clients for sensible, pragmatic advice on these matters. As well as advising several major banks on security, insolvency and corporate recovery, he deals with equity backed clients, including investment and development portfolios. David also represents a number of national house builders and advises a wide range of companies on construction contracts.

Brendan Cameron
Brendan Cameron

Brendan Cameron

Brendan has been a solicitor since 1976 and is now a Consultant. A double graduate of Glasgow University having graduated LLB in 1974 and MBA in 2001. Specialising in property purchases and sales; Wills and Estate Administration; Inheritance Tax; Financial Services. He is also a tutor at the Centre for Professional Legal Studies in the subject of Law Firm Management and Professional Ethics.

James McCusker
James McCusker

James McCusker

Jim is based in our Paisley office and has been a solicitor since 1980. He has a large private client base specialising in domestic and commercial conveyancing involving both heritable and leasehold property.He also has a wealth of experience in relation to Wills and Estate Administration together with Powers of Attorney and Guardianships.



The firm was formed on 1st May 2006 however its roots go back as far as 1870. The business was created by the amalgamation of Robertson Paul and the Glasgow office of Peterkins, but the origins of these firms are Robertson Neilson & Co. , Andrew Paul & Co., John Martin Taylor & Co., McGettigans and Aitken Malone & Mackay.

In 2007 we acquired Allens in Bearsden and opened up in Cambridge street, Glasgow. In August 2012 we acquired the business of McCusker Cochrane & Gunn in Paisley and Shettleston. These offices continue to trade under the name of McCusker Cochrane & Gunn. In April 2013 we acquired the business of McLeish Thomson. In November 2014 the long established Glasgow firm Grant & Wylie joined and they continue to trade under that name. In 2016 our estate agency business re branded as PRP Properties and have offices in the city centre and Shettleston.

Although the origins go back very many years, the outlook and methods of Peterkins Robertson Paul are very much of the present and geared for the future.

Legal Services

Matrimonial & Divorce

When a relationship ends, it is painful for all concerned. It is easy to add fuel to the flames. A balance needs to be struck between fully protecting your interests and taking – so far as possible – a constructive approach, avoiding needless aggression or posturing, particularly when children are involved. We pride ourselves in trying to achieve a fair outcome for our clients. However, if we require to go to court on your behalf, we will fully and vigorously protect your interests. We can advise you on your rights and what exactly is involved in Divorce or separation proceedings. Telephone 0141 331 4515 to speak with one of our Solicitors.


Disputes are an inevitable part of life. When they arise you need someone in your corner who will give you balanced realistic advice without fear or favour. We see ourselves not as hired guns, but as the protectors of your interests, and we see these disputes as arising within a long term professional relationship between us, where trust and full professional support is the essential long lasting foundation. Telephone 0141 331 4515 to speak to one of the Court Solicitors.

Civil court work

We undertake a wide variety of Civil Court Work including Dispute Resolution, Civil Litigation, Interdict, Contract disputes, negligence claims, damages claims, neighbour disputes fatal accident inquiries, Lands Tribunals, Compensation claims, accident and insurance claims and Orders relating to Parental Rights and Contact Issues. Telephone 0141 331 4515 to speak directly with one of our Court Solicitors.

Employment law

Our experienced department can advise on all aspects of employment law including; Contracts of Employment, Pay Disputes, Employment Tribunals, Unfair Dismissal, Constructive Dismissal, Compromise or Settlement Agreements as well as comprehensive advice on Redundancy. We also deal with all matters of Discrimination in the workplace, racial discrimination, sex discrimination, age discrimination and maternity matters. We act for both Employers and Employees.

Road traffic accidents

We specialise in Personal Injury cases arising from accidents involving motor cars, motor cycles, passenger accident claims, whiplash, road collisions, bicycle claims, insurance claims and highway accidents. Telephone 0141 331 4515 to discuss with one of our solicitors.

Accidents at work

Any injury sustained in the workplace can often lead to a successful claim against those at fault. Our highly experienced solicitors have secured a large number of successful claims in the field of industrial injury, industrial disease and accident at the workplace.

Medical negligence

When your visit to the doctor or surgeon goes wrong, or you have been misdiagnosed through negligence by the Doctor or other medical professional we can provide a comprehensive analysis of your legal circumstances and advise on the possibility of a successful case to compensate your suffering and loss. We have access to further schemes that may be suitable in some cases to provide cover for any costs involved in negligence claims.

Dental negligence

Our specialist department deals with all aspects of negligence by dentists. This covers everything from routine dental work that goes wrong to cosmetic work that fails to deliver the agreed results. A growing area of our work, our solicitors will be happy to advise you on the prospects of a successful case.

Domestic/Commercial property purchases & sales

We offer the complete package when buying and selling any kind of property in Scotland. We are very experienced in house sale and purchases. Our solicitors have a wealth of experience in this area and will assist you every step of the way.

Estate agency

As members of the GSPC under the name PRP Properties, we have an extensive array of properties at our fingertips and your property will receive the largest circulation to potential buyers.

Telephone 0141 331 0741 to speak with one of our Estate Agents.

Leases and mortgages

We have specialist solicitors to offer guidance and advise on all aspects of mortgages and leases. Our solicitors have access to Independent Financial Advisors who can assist with tailor made packages to suit your own personal financial needs when looking for a mortgage.

BUY TO LET – THE CHANGES in 2016 The Chancellor of the Exchequer last year announced changes to taxation on buy to let properties by way of Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) on acquisitions and the payment of capital gains tax on proposals. After a brief hiatus the Scottish Finance Secretary has announced that he will follow his southern counterpart’s example. While no clear guidance has been issued as yet as to the precise details it seems a safe bet that the Scottish changes will substantially follow those to be implemented in England from April this year. The immediate issue will be that an individual buying a second home letting same as a business will have to pay 3% Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT) in Scotland over and above the current relevant rate of LBTT. This applies to those properties purchased for under £145,000 for you which no LBTT would previously have been applied. Now a flat rate of 3% will be applied meaning that buy to let property purchased for £100,000 will immediately attract LBTT payable at the time of purchase of £300. Over and above this however, the Chancellor has announced changes on interest deductibility which we can assume will be followed north of the border. Presently, buy to let Landlords can claim tax relief for the whole amount of their mortgage interest at their personal rate of tax. By April 2020 tax at 40% will be due on the whole amount of the rental income derived from the property, less a tax credit equal to the basic rate of tax. Consequently whereas until now if the owner receives £20,000 of rental income per annum and he pays mortgage interest of £13,000 annually he will pay tax only on the taxable profit of £7,000 at 40% i.e. £2,800. Under the new regime, the owner will only be able to deduct 20% of his £13,000 mortgage interest (£2,600). If there is a rise in interest rates causing the mortgage interest to increase to say £15,000 the owner’s profit will be reduced from £7,000 to £5,000 but his tax will be reduced by only £400. The changes are being phased in between April 2017 and April 2020. The percentage of interest eligible for deduction will decrease in a sliding scale throughout that period. There are only a limited number of options available to the owner to alleviate these changes.

  1. He can remortgage to a lower rate of interest. If this option is available it should be ceased upon as quickly as possible.

  2. If the Landlord is a higher or additional tax payer and has a spouse or civil partner who is not employed, the transfer of some of the rental income to that spouse would utilise his or her tax free personal allowance and at least alleviate the increased tax liability in part.

  3. The changes will have no impact on Landlords who do not pay any mortgage interest. Consequently, it may be advisable to dispose of at least part of a portfolio to reduce the loans payable on the remainder.

  4. Companies receive a full deduction for mortgage interest and corporation tax is due to reduce to 18% by 2020.

It should be noted however that income tax at dividend rate has to be paid on any profit taken out by the individual shareholders and transferring existing properties into a Company may give rise to a capital gains tax liability together with LBTT (probably with the new surcharge attached). Accordingly those Landlords whose portfolios are contained within limited companies will not be adversely affected by the tax changes, there would be costs of additional LBTT and capital gains tax may render the transfer of a portfolio to a limited company may rule out this option for many private Landlords. Clients are therefore advised to take tax advice on the structures of a portfolio and to consult with their lawyer on the options for remortgage, sale and transfer of title as soon as possible.

Wills and estate administration

Possibly one of the most important areas. Our solicitors are highly experienced in this area and can assist you with the preparation of your will and planning your estate to minimise Inheritance Tax to administering the estate, winding up affairs, gathering and distributing the funds, and preparing deeds of family arrangement.

Business law

Buying, selling, renting commercial property, starting up a new business, selling or buying your own business, contract advice, legal advice on employment matters.

Law for the elderly

We can fully advise on powers of attorney, guardianships, issues arising under the Adults With Incapacity [Scotland] Act 2000 and asset protection.


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